Hawthorne Capital Partners is a private equity firm located in Raleigh, North Carolina.

We focus on lower middle market established operating companies where Hawthorne can acquire or structure a path to a control ownership position.

Hawthorne differentiates itself with deal economics that fully align interests with owners, management and investors

We bring financial and intellectual capital to unlock value, for business owners, investors and management.

Investment Focus:
We Seek Established Operating Companies…

Southeastern United States

Located where Hawthorne can effectively leverage our operating capabilities.

Ownership Position

Where Hawthorne can acquire or structure a path to a control ownership position.

Business Model

That have a straightforward business model that we understand in product, manufacturing, distribution, value-added engineering or technology services businesses.

Positive EBITDA

With demonstrated EBITDA that is positive up to $1 million

Growth Capability

That have growth, roll-up or sustainable cash generation capabilities

Capable Management

Who have a capable management team who will retain a meaningful ownership position for themselves

7231 Alco Drive
Suite 101
Raleigh, North Carolina 27615

Michael O’Donnell, Managing Director

Tim Lavelle, Director, Partner

Allen Summerford, Director, Partner

John Kane, Operating Partner